The gel works to prepare skin for sunless application and maximize color results. The exclusive Tahitian Blend promotes healthy skin while Protein and Ginseng nourish skin to promote long-lasting color.

  • The exclusive Tahitian Blend is packed with Banana Extract and Papaya Fruit Extract to promote healthy skin regeneration.
  • Rich Mango Extract smoothes, softens and moisturizes skin for a natural glow.
  • Protein, Ginseng and Gynostemma work together to balance the skin’s pH level while nourishing to promote long-lasting color.
  • Mango Sunshine fragrance sets the stage with tangy highlights and soft Coconut nuances.

TIP: Once you exfoliate before a sunless session, you do not want to put on daily moisturizer on those days. Replace your daily moisturizer with the Pura Amplifier Gel after you shower. Additionally, Pura Amplifier Gel is perfect for *Cocktail Tanning.

*Cocktail Tanning: Combination of a UV sunbed tan followed immediately by a sunless session. Why? Sunbed tanning uses UV rays to trigger melanin production while opening up your pores and allowing the sunless spray solution to penetrate your skin deeper. This produces an even darker, deeper and longer-lasting tan.

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